At the age of 15, Ncrypta came in contact with Hardcore Techno. From this time on, he was infected by the harder sound. He started his first steps of producing at the age of 19 and grinded further with his talent to find his unique sound. A few years ago, Ncrypta found his passion in the Raw spectrum of Hardstyle. At this point he spent most of his time in his studio and producing the whole night and day and reading books about frequencies to push his knowledge, he mainly focused on producing. After his signing at the end of 2012 on Hard Music Records, he released several Tracks on Labels like Lussive Music and Leveltrauma and his very first gig in the Netherlands was announced. After these first big steps, Ncrypta came into contact with Infected Section Records and later moved on to Gearbox Digital and Pure Bookings, where he is still signed to this day. With high profile releases such as Psychopathic, Shock Thearapy, Exorzism, Helix and Transmission (with Luminite) and bookings on some of the biggest events Ncrypta has made his mark on this scene and an exceptionally bright future ahead of him.

Mission accomplished at:  Defqon 1, Intents, Rebirth, We Are Hardstyle, Shockerz, Loudness, Megabase, Ground Zero, The Qontinent and many more to come!